Wind Turbine Blade Repair

A recent spell of settled weather has allowed us to access turbine blades and carry out minor repairs.  Previous works had been carried out with the use of a large cherry picker at huge cost.

We were able to access the whole length of the blade carry out a condition survey and repair minor imperfections then and there, with minimum downtime of the turbine.

Telecom Works, Edinburgh

With the introduction of 4G networks, several upgrades of existing sites are taking place.  CAS have recently been involved in the removal of older antenna and the installation of several new.

Our latest project was works on St Steven's Church a Grade A listed building in central Edinburgh.  In all we had to remove and replace 6 antenna.

Silo Works

A problem with the filling of a silo had resulted in the filters becoming blocked and the product escaping out of the filters at the top of the silo.  We needed to access the top of the silo and remove all the waste product and remove the filters so new ones could be fitted.  The waste product was bagged and lowered down the side of the silo for disposal off site.

Wind Turbine Painting Works

A week accessing two wind turbines to carry out several small paint repairs to areas of damage caused during the construction phase.  Works included cleaning sections to remove debris, preparing surface back to bare metal and painting with a two coat system.

Busy August

Well it has been a busy but varied month.  Works started with a ropes course inspection in the Yorkshire Dales.  Followed by geotechnical works in the Channel Islands on a cliff stabilisation project.  Works then moved to the Northwest of England and a few days helping sort out the illuminations on Blackpool Tower, ready for the big switch on.

Safety inspections of storage tanks followed by the installation of fall arrest eyebolts to safeguard third party workers at their own facility.

A planned shutdown in a food production factory allowed us access to carry out overhead cleaning works of ducting and pipework.

More ropes course safety inspections and the building of some new ropes course elements seem to be bringing the month to a close.

However September is already looking busy at the moment.