Blackpool Tower Illuminations

With the switch on of Blackpool Illuminations due on the 30 August 2013, CAS Ltd have been asked to provide IRATA personnel to assist with the exchange of lights which are not working correctly on the world famous Blackpool Tower. Works include abseiling down the legs of the tower and aid climbing around the steel above the public viewing area

Tarn Hows Roof Maintenance

We were approached by the National Trust to see if we could come up with a system to protect their workers whilst they carried out essential maintenance on the roof of the toilet block at Tarn Hows in the Lake District.

A temporary system was installed and the work was carried out under the supervision of one of our IRATA Level 3 Supervisors.  Feedback from the client was excellent, a very simple solution to a difficult problem, that was easy to use and not an hinderance whilst working.

Silo Entry. Manchester

A weekend shutdown of the refinery allowed access to be made into the silo to carry out planned cleaning works.

A three man team was used to clear debris from the walls of the silo.

Bird Control, Halton Stadium, Widnes

A return for ourselves to Halton Stadium, the home of the Widnes Vikings Rugby League Team, to install further areas of bird netting and spikes to prevent pigeons roosting on the side walls of the stadium.

This was an awkward job as the roof of the stadium has previously been netted, making further access extremely difficult.  Access needed to be made above the netting and ropes posted down in the correct positions to allow access to bird broof the walls.

Normally we would pull the netting up from the ground like a large curtain, however the position of the seats below made this impossible, as the net would catch constantly on the seats.

Kendal Town Hall PPE Safety Inspection

We have just carried out our annual inspection of the PPE anchor points on various building owned by SLDC.

The inspections include load tests on eyebolts as well as visual inspection.  The majority of anchors are kee roofanka, which allow for personal protection as well as a secure point to attach roof ladders.