ETFE Project, Aarau, Switzerland

Our works in Switzerland are finally reaching their conclusion.  We have had a team on site since mid April on this ETFE project. 

The works have been paricually challenging, with co-ordination between several trades, issues with language, Swiss administration procedures and weather.

Busy April

The new business year has started off with a bang.  2 major jobs in Switzerland and Paris are now running side by side and will continue into mid May.  Works in the UK have included large cleaning contacts, wind turbine works, ropes course inspections, bird netting works and eyebolt / PPE inspections.


Isle of May

Our annual inspection of the safety systems at height and on going training were carried out last week. A pretty cold and miserable trip out to the Isle was endured on the "RIB" as the May Princess was cancelled due to adverse conditions.

A normally uneventful job was somewhat spiced up when we discovered a Grey seal on the beach with its head stuck in some discarded fishing net.  These quite cute docile creatures are not quite so cute when you have to try and wrestle some net from around their neck and all you can see is a snarling, snapping monster with a mouth full of very pointy teeth, doing its best to remove your hand from its wrist.  A fairly stressful 15 minutes was endured by both the seal & ourselves until we finally managed to release it, at which point it happily slid off in to the sea, without as much as a thank you.

Wind Turbine Blade Inspection & Repair


CAS Ltd are pleased to announce their rope access team of Wind Turbine Blade Inspectors have recently received training accreditation from Germanischer Lloyd.

McVities – Carlisle (Christmas shut down - Dec 12)

Access for cleaning the high walls of this food production plant are extremely difficult by traditional methods.

Historically this had always been achieved by scaffold & is hugely expensive and obtrusive.

We were approached in 2009 to see if rope access was a viable alternative. After carrying out a trial area of cleaning on the walls and overhead structural steel it was decided to carry on and work our way around the building when time became available.

We have recently carried out our fifth visit to site to carry out overhead cleaning works during the Christmas shut down.