Fall Protection

Work restraint

Work restraint is a system which prevents a person getting into a position where a fall could take place. A person or persons will normally attach themselves to a dedicated anchor point with a lanyard of a pre-determined length.

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Work positioning (often referred to as Rope Access)

Work positioning is a work technique where a worker is supported by the work equipment they use, the important factor with work positioning the worker must have a back-up system at all times. Users of work positioning equipment require a high level of training. Work positioning is an extremely versatile system of work.

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Fall Arrest

Fall arrest should be a last choice, in fall protection. However it is very often the only practicable choice. As the name suggests it is a system in which a worker can fall and their fall is arrested by their attachment point.

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Temporary Installed system

These systems we install are becoming very common for use by your own employees. CAS Personnel will install a temporary safety system at your site. Click on the following for more information.

The choice of fall protection is often driven by the type of work to be carried out, the position of the work and the type of building. For more information on the system best suited to your needs please give us a call.