Atrium Works

Atrium Works

Atrium maintenance can often be delayed due to the perceived difficult access.  At CAS we have years of experience in accessing both interal and external atriums.

Works are often carried out at night to avoid disruption to the normal working of your own business.  Our access systems rarely require the provision of scaffold or cherry pickers, the set up time is usually very short.  Most of our access systems can be removed between shifts.

Provision for rescue from atria is paramount.  Great care must be taken before works commence to ensure the persons working at height have the ability to efficiently rescue an injured person from any point within the atrium.  At CAS Ltd we have highly qualified and experienced personnel in the rescue and evacuation of persons from height.

Atrium works have included:

  • Window cleaning
  • Structural steel cleaning
  • Installation of ventilation ducting
  •  Inspection of planar fitting
  • Hanging banners
  •  Painting
  • Leak detection and rectification
  • Installation of fall arrest system for third party use
  • Installation & inspection of window opening systems

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